AWSAuth: AWS Signature Version 4 Library for Elixir

I just published a small AWS signing library. Hopefully others can use it to create AWS libraries for Elixir. I've only tested it so far with the AWS S3 example »

Yet Another Programming Podcast

Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene and I have started a podcast named YAPP (Yet Another Programming Podcast). We are (at the time of this post) five episodes in. It's available on Itunes and »

Keenex: library for Elixir

I'll be needing to use in a project soon so I started on a library in Elixir. You can find it here. So far it does »

Contributing to the Elixir Community through Building a Start Up

I have mentioned before that Elixir is easily one of my favorite programming languages today (the other being Rust). I have given a talk on Elixir and I tell others »

My Current Python Web Stack

Many people know me for trying out different languages all the time, but my go to language is Python. I can get a lot done using Python in a smaller »

Rust may be the language I've been wanting

When I was in college one of my professors would always ask, "Why are we still using tools from the 70s"? He was referring to C and by extension C »

Possibly writing a Programming Language

So one thing I have been doing lately is trying to find the perfect programming language for me. The closest one so far has been Elixir which I enjoy programming »

Things that I want to exist

I want isolated virtual workspaces. I want to be able to view and use what processes and applications are opened on that workspace. I know that Linux has better virtual »

Introduction to Scala Presentation

I did a presentation on Scala late last year for GNOCode and I put it on speakerdeck. You can find it here »

Planning an Open Source Hackathon

I want an Open Source hackathon to exist. I want it to inspire people to give back to the open source projects that they know and love. Contributing during the »